Edito 1.4 : TL;DR
04 Mai 2016

I've been really busy these last months (job and other stuffs). That's why i haven't written any editorial up to now. But this is the Editorial 1.4 fully written in english (just because i wanted to ;) ). So lets get started!
As i was saying in the previous editorial, i've started to work officially last year but in fact the serious things began in January. It's have been 5 months now, and i can consider that the things are doing good. I've worked on several topics (all related to linux embedded of course :) ) and on some things were done finger in the nose, and on others it was more difficult to figure out how to implement them. But in any case, i'm happy to do what i do today, and for me that's the most important when we talk about a job.

But let's not talk too much about job here. These months also allowed me to work with the main Gaboneses's association of Nantes GaboNantes II. They allow me to work on two main things :a New logo for the association and the design of the new website.

It's a great responsability, but i take the challenge. I've worked on it and i'm close to the end. For now, the member of the association who saw it were very impressed and it touched me because working for free on something like this help me to contribute to the development of our association, and that's cool! You can check the website as it is now and the one on which i'm working on using the links below:

Reading these lines, someone can ask me : "So what are you doing today which doesn't involve a computer or a smart device ?". To him or her i will say two things : Reading Books and make some exercises to maintain my shape (but i will not talk about that here ;) ) . Since my childhood, i was in contact with a LOT of books. My Mother and Father worked before their retirement in the education field, it was logic to find in our house books about history, biology , sociology, few things about mathematics, novel (especially those from Agatha Christie) and a lot of books written by african authors like Soundjata from Djibril Tamsir Niane, So Long a Letter from Mariama Ba, Le Vieux Nègre et la Médaille from Ferdinand Oyonoor again Les frasques d'Ebinto from Amadou Koné (maybe my favorite when i was younger). So during hollidays i was spending a lot of hours reading that's why today i'm still reading a lot. So i've bought a lot of books these last months. Some about embedded Linux but a lot of novel and essay. So this is the complete list of the books i've read (or still reading today) these last months :

That's a lot of books, but i think all of them are complementary. Some are job oriented to help me to consolidate my technical skills, other are fiction to follow some characters in a fictional world, some are related to the present day with questions and issues about African people and more ( i will tell more about that here because i'm preparing a special post about that which will be released soon ).So that's it for the reading part.

If i'm not reading a book, i'm watching videos. It can video about science with Vsauce (which i strongly recommend)

or video about people talking about different subjects. And recently i've discovered a wonderfull channel : The Grapevine where african people (African and African-American) talk about various interesting subjects. That's my favourite channel today, so feel free to watch an episode to see by yourself.

I'm still watching Anime, but a lot less because i haven't find an interesting Anime to watch these last months.

So that's it for this fifth editorial! I'm working on one interesting (and more longer than this one) post about Linux called the KISS principle. It should be released in the followin days. See you next month !

... one more thing, i have a Twitter account now. So feel free to follow me @bignumbK.
Bye! Bignumb-bi-Kumb

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